Tips & Etiquette

Just so you know…

  • If it’s your first visit to our studio, please arrive 30 minutes before class.  We have some forms we need you fill out, and we’d like to show you around!
  • Arrive early. Getting to the studio 10 minutes before class allows you time to sign in, settle down and prepare for practice.
  • Remove your shoes upon entering the studio.
  • Leave your phone with your shoes, or better yet, in your car.
  • Bring a mat, towel and water.
  • Read the class descriptions before the class to ensure you’re taking the class appropriate to your experience level.
  • Mark your gear as yours and keep it clean; it will make for a more relaxing practice.
  • Wipe up your “liquid energy” (also called sweat).
  • After take ownership of the props, straps and blocks you use by wiping them down and putting them away after you use.
  • Speak in mindful, hushed tones. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and have conversations, but remember that they are your conversations and not the whole class’s.
  • Savasana is essential to your practice.  If you must leave before class ends, allow yourself a few minutes in Savasana to seal in the benefits of your shortened practice.
  • Have fun with this practice!