Meet Lynette Becks | Cleveland Yoga Concord

Meet Lynette Becks

Everyone needs Lynette in their life. Her presence is one of support, positivity, kindness and growth. And this eminates in her teaching as well, as you walk away from her class with a wholesome feeling — like you worked out all you needed to and then rested your body into a purely refreshed state, so that your mind is at ease and full of comfort.

Lynette is our in-house Baptiste guru. She has experienced all levels of the training, as well as the Fit to Lead program. Currently, she is growing through the Baptiste Institute’s Unstoppable, a program designed to develop teachers’ ability to teach yoga in the elementary school classroom. Incredible right?

Because of all this, she leads our Journey Into Power 90-Minute classes, scheduled each month, our 40 Days Program and many of our speciality workshops.

We can’t stay enough about Lynette’s presence and its contribution to our studio. If you haven’t met her, meet her.

Who are you? 

 I love to be in nature. I find it so peaceful to take a walk on the beach, in the woods or just to sit outside. And I have a caveat with that — the weather has to be between cool and hot.  I am not a fan of the cold unless it is snowing. I also love to keep learning, so I read, take online classes and attend workshops regularly on a variety of topics.

Why Baptiste yoga?  

Baptiste yoga is such a balanced practice, building with the warm up poses to balance poses to more challenging ones, and I find that it resonates well with my body. I can dial it up or down depending on how my body responds each time I am on my mat.  I love that the practice is for every BODY, and there are props if needed. I have gotten to know and understand myself through this practice as it combines meditation, poses (the physical practice) and inquiry.

Favorite poses:  

I actually have several depending on my mood, though I particularly like Half Moon, Triangle, Chair or going upside down (either headstand or handstand).  I have never been able to master handstand and tend to use the wall, but I like the freedom of trying!

What can students expect from your class? 

Come with an open mind and be willing to try anything!  Class will be playful and at the same time, they will be challenging and sweaty with a dose of possibility thrown in.

Which of your parents are you more like and why?  

My mom. I tend to be quiet, until I get to know people. Then I open up.