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Get to Know Sweat Strong Creator Mac Lewis

Mac Lewis, Sweat Strong creator, has a long history in athletics and fitness.  Mac grew up as an elite level gymnast and transferred to a career in diving as an NCAA Division I Athlete, for Cornell University. Following graduation from Cornell, wellness became non-existent in Mac’s life and his world quickly became dark.  After assistance from his family and some professional guidance, Mac rediscovered wellness through the form of Hot Yoga.  Mac resonated with Hot Yoga, due to the internal reflection that he was able to connect with and the SWEAT. Sweating was extremely important to him, because he needed some form of confirmation that he was taking a step in the right direction and sweat served as a form of validation that he was able to develop himself.

Mac expanded his fitness world by becoming a dedicated runner and continuing his yoga practice to the extent that he become an RYT 200 Certified Instructor – he earned his certificate at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.  Following his certification Mac moved to NYC to pursue and grow his practice and instruction at Pure Yoga – owned and operated by Equinox.  While on this journey, Mac discovered indoor cycling, through SoulCycle and more importantly his love for group fitness.

Following NYC, Mac moved to Cleveland to grow CoreLife Eatery, a fast-casual restaurant specializing in healthy eating and a wellness-oriented lifestyle.  Simultaneously, Mac continued his yoga teaching, as Cleveland Yoga Concord offered him a position to teach Hot Power classes, as a member of their studio’s Team!   Recently, became a certified indoor cycling instructor.  Mac gainedhis certification at Harness Cycle and currently instructs at Harness Cycle’s Downtown studio.

During his journey in Cleveland, Mac has also been selected as a Lululemon Ambassador where he has Teamed up with the Eton-Chagrin location to promote healthy, active lifestyles and SWEAT, throughout the local community. Mac realized that there was a true need for all communities to have motivating, engaging and empowering forms of exercise and SWEAT, a desire for students to connect deeper with their studios and instructors and decided to bring this concept to the communities he is involved in through Sweat Strong.

Spend some time with Mac at Sweat Strong, on October 18th at Cleveland Yoga Concord.  Get your ticket HERE!

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