Cleveland Yoga Concord Instructor Jackie Mains | Cleveland Yoga Concord

Cleveland Yoga Concord Instructor Jackie Mains

We sat down with Cleveland Yoga Westlake and Cleveland Yoga Concord instructor Jackie Mains for a Q & A session.

How would you describe yourself? I am caring, supportive and positive. I strive to take each day at a time and enjoy the present moment. You can always count on me for a smile and a hug.

Jackie is a Level Three Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, so we asked her, “Why Baptiste yoga?”ย This practice pushes me to be the best version of myself while feeling supported by the ones around me. There is nothing better!ย 

Top played songs on Itunes: Anything Adele.

Favorite pose: Handstand! I love going upside down.

Least favorite: Locust or floor bow. I have never been a huge fan of either.

What can students expect from your class? To work hard, get extra sweaty, and have fun!

Something not a lot of people know about you: I am a homebody. I travel a lot, but I love to hang at home with a good movie.ย 


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